Hi there, my name is Courtney Angotti. I started transitioning into the tech field from performing arts and fitness world in 2016 starting with Web Design, Graphic Design, and UX Design. Over the course of a year and a half, I found myself having a strong desire to learn and do more. My curiosity and desire to do it myself led me into Web Development. Since then I’ve done various projects some for myself some for others all with a goal to keep growing my skills. I’ve worked with WordPress, Bootstrap, Html5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery, SEO, and MAMP. I’ve also dabbled with backend frameworks and still learning backend technologies and frameworks like express.js. I’ve deployed and migrated sites. I’ve worked on the design of websites, email templates, logos, flyers, and mobile apps from conception using Invision, Balsalmiq, Justinmind, Stripo, Photoshop, InDesign, and various tools to create flow charts, personas, and competitive analysis.

The skills I’ve acquired while being in these various fields and pursuing these educational paths allow me to understand individuals and companies to help create brand awareness. I am excited to help you create a product you are happy with that will be an amazing tool that can help you reach your business goals, and adds a professional modern touch to your brand and company.

Thank you for stopping by and learning a bit more about me. I hope to work with you soon!