I thought I would share this fun App created with React.js. Just Click the image to go to the App.


This App was a great learning tool. I built an app a while ago and really felt the need to practice and see what is new in React.js today. There are some great new additions including a way to prevent your app from completely breaking when React updates over time. I also learned how create-react-app allows deployment of React apps using Github pages, and how easy it is to use JSON Api with React.js.


  1. One being my terminal not finding the correct paths to find and run npm. I ended up troubleshooting with the help of another developer that I needed to look at the Bash file and redirect my paths to the correct place. This process delayed all the fun I was having building the app.
  2. We can’t forget the most common problems of aff being typos, or spaces, or missed commas etc. At least these though frustrating and time consuming are at least fixable.

If you want to learn more about React.js and need documentation to deploy your app I recommend going here.