Hey there,
It has been a while since I have posted but I feel it is time for me to share my experience as a Cybersecurity student at Champlain College completing the Bachelor’s Degree program. I will cover a few things one being why I switched to Cybersecurity, Classes to expect to take, and my thoughts so far. If you are looking for more of my feelings on my degree program check back for my Youtube Vlog post coming soon.

Let’s get started, Why did I chose to switch to Cybersecurity?
I like to say that going into Cybersecurity is more of an extension or continuation of me being a Web developer rather than leaving one and starting another career path. I feel Cybersecurity connects programming with security in fact many skills you gain learning Web Development are needed in Cybersecurity. So look at it as building on skills rather than wasting time. Another reason I am no in Cybersecurity is because it is in such high demand. The more we all use technology the more we need people who are skilled at protecting our sensitive and valuable data. I for one am a person who loves to solve every crime show that comes on t.v. and though maybe not as glamorous there is something exciting about either figuring out the “bad Guy’s” plan or method or even stopping them in their tracks. I feel Cybersecurity can go in so many directions and will always be needed so why can’t I be that person to save the world from one cyber attacker at a time!

So What classes can you expect in a Cybersecurity program?

Well, Because I already had many credits from my previous school plus web development Bootcamp I saved myself 50 credits needed towards my degree. What I have taken at my new school is Python programming, 2 Networking classes,  Operating systems, foundations of Cybersecurity, and Digital Forensic Investigation techniques.  I have Technical writing and Networking and Security coming in just a few short weeks. The courses in my program are only weeks of intense accelerated work. This means we have assignments due at minimum twice a week and most days can be filled with reading, watching videos, doing labs, and interacting with peers in discussion boards. Whew intense?!

The last thing I will discuss is My overall opinion on being a part of this rigorous program.

I will start off saying it has been just as intense and fast-paced as I described earlier. I spend at least 6 days of the week doing some form of Cybersecurity degree coursework. I will also say that it is quite rewarding in learning new technologies so quickly. I love that my program builds upon the skills I learned in previous classes. I feel like my mind and my future is full of possibility. and lastly, I will say it is hard but it feels attainable each week. Pushing through the sticky times helps me build the confidence to start on the next week or the next class.

Thank you for checking in and look for my new vlog I will be putting together very soon! If you would like to subscribe to m youtube channel the just click the link.