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Getting a Degree in Cyber Security!



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It sure has been a while since i’ve posted but here we are and I am excited to share that I made the leap into the final half of my Bachelors Degree and its been a long time coming! I have picked my major in Cyber Security. This choice took a while and what I mean by a while is that it took years!

There are many positives that have come from me taking so long in choosing a major after getting certifications in a few industries and even minoring in Economics along the way. The Cyber Security field has grown exponentially in the years I spent taking course after course another lost soul in the community college world . It was by pure luck that a degree program was being created in the background for this awesome field.

On a busy day in September while making plans with my accounting tutor I started asking myself why was I still here in community college? Why am I in Accounting class again? The question in my mind was there has to be another way to get a degree in Computer programming or a related field that does not require these classes and 2 years of calculus and can still produce a quality degree in a related field. So I researched for days and stayed up late at night comparing programs, length of programs, quality of schools, credibility of the programs, and jobs I could attain upon graduating. Let us not forget that the biggest goal of them all was to finally finish my Bachelors degree.

The process of picking my school applying to 6 schools and getting accepted in the first 2 Universities was less than 2 weeks. The remaining 5 schools took up to 3 weeks to send me my acceptance letters. The school i’ve chosen is Champlain College. This school is a private not for profit school that has been around since 1878 and is based in Vermont. I chose this school because of its selectiveness in acceptance, small student population, and a program backed by Homeland Security, NS3, and NSA as a center of excellence.


I start on this part of my journey today. Class officially starts on Monday but I will give myself a head start. My first two classes are Networking Fundamentals and Intro to Computer Systems. All of my remaining classes are 7 weeks and accelerated. So if you cannot get a hold of me you know you an find me somewhere snuggling up with a coffee and my laptop working hard as a new Champlain College Beaver.


” One woman carving her path in the Technology Industry!”

– Courtney Tech

I am a creative soul with a background in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Ux design , Web Development, Business, and Cybersecurity.  The skills i’ve acquired while being in these various fields and pursuing these educational paths allow me to understand individuals and companies to help create the Brand awareness, accessibility and connection with not only their target audience but capture more clients. I believe instead of recreating the wheel it is better to make a few creative tweaks to what already has been proven to work. I am excited to help you create a product you are happy with that will be an amazing tool that can help you reach your business goals, and adds a professional modern touch to your brand.


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