I would like to talk a little bit about what i’ve been up to in the Technology world as of late. Well one thing I have been studying for is the AWS solutions architect certification. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is a great resource and skill to add to your toolkit! I am aiming to take the exam at the end of January. This weekend I will be attending a workshop called AWS CloudDay. I am looking forward to joining likeminded individuals and hearing about internships, careers, and certifications. One thing I find that is extremely helpful is to have a schedule to follow to ensure that you stay on track and note taking is a must! I would recommend taking notes as you work through each section as well as reviewing before moving to the next section. There are currently a few certifications one can pursue the Solutions Architect certification is the second one on the list. If you simply want to get a general overview not looking to work in this field or would like to take your time I would recommend staring with the AWS certified Cloud practitioner course first.

When I am not studying hard for AWS I am learning the react library. I am currently taking a course in which by the end I will have used React, Redux, and Firebase to build a client panel application. I’m excited to share by final project in a bit!