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React and AWS

I would like to talk a little bit about what i’ve been up to in the Technology world as of late. Well one thing I have been studying for is the AWS solutions architect certification. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is a great resource and skill to add to your toolkit! I am aiming to take the exam at the end of January. This weekend I will be attending a workshop called AWS CloudDay. I am looking forward to joining likeminded individuals and hearing about internships, careers, and certifications. One thing I find that is extremely helpful is to have a schedule to follow to ensure that you stay on track and note taking is a must! I would recommend taking notes as you work through each section as well as reviewing before moving to the next section. There are currently a few certifications one can pursue the Solutions Architect certification is the second one on the list. If you simply want to get a general overview not looking to work in this field or would like to take your time I would recommend staring with the AWS certified Cloud practitioner course first.

When I am not studying hard for AWS I am learning the react library. I am currently taking a course in which by the end I will have used React, Redux, and Firebase to build a client panel application. I’m excited to share by final project in a bit!


” One woman carving her path in the Technology Industry!”

– Courtney Tech

I am a creative soul with a background in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Ux design , Web Development, Business, and Cybersecurity.  The skills i’ve acquired while being in these various fields and pursuing these educational paths allow me to understand individuals and companies to help create the Brand awareness, accessibility and connection with not only their target audience but capture more clients. I believe instead of recreating the wheel it is better to make a few creative tweaks to what already has been proven to work. I am excited to help you create a product you are happy with that will be an amazing tool that can help you reach your business goals, and adds a professional modern touch to your brand.


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