The Codetalk Front-end Web Developer bootcamp I have been in for the past 10 weeks took a very enlightening trip to Headspace this past Thursday. Headspace is a company that offers convenient meditation app to those who want to be able to have guided meditation for the various stressors life throws our way. This was a truly fun experience. Walking in you know that this is no ordinary company. The Office alone was set up in a very open and welcoming way. They make sure employees have options. What I mean by that is that people can pick a spot to work that fits their needs and that could mean cozying up in the booths on the second floor or on the main floor in the large open area filled with standing desks or if you prefer sitting, they even have a room for mothers just in case they do not have childcare they can still get work done. They offer free snacks, coffee, and lunch most days of the week to employees. They offer daily group meditation and even a mediation pod if you prefer doing the Headspace meditation on your own.

So we have covered that the workspace is great, but what made the experience even better was the people. Everyone seemed very relaxed and at ease. They must be doing something right. We had a session of meditation and then we were able to hear from the people that work there including a Technical recruiter, Ux Designer, Software engineer, and a iOS engineer. Great feedback the one point that stuck out to me was working through imposter syndrome. You know the feeling that you don’t quite know all that you think you should for the position you are and the discomfort of thinking you might get called out but really it is simply something you feel and not quite reality. Especially with new Developers and Software engineers. We feel we must know everything, but there is no such thing as knowing everything before starting the job. We will always continue to learn as we go.


Check out there website and download the app