I’ve taken some time to search for sites that could use a wordpress facelift. I am choosing three sites that could add credibility, style,and modern feel to their sites by using WordPress.

The first site I found is http://govindtiwari.blogspot.com/ .

This site has so many things that could be considered a web design gone wrong, but I will only list the obvious. One thing is the site has a flashy background I mean literally flashing stars for the background. This is simply outdated and doesn’t help bring the visitor in. The next thing is way to much going on , to many photos (including one that blinks), videos, and fonts. To put the cherry on top would be the moving link that says to click here if you would like a site like this one!

Ok, joking aside I think this site with the help of WordPress could look sleek and organized. He could have a dropdown menu created or even a simple navigation to view videos in one section and other content in their own areas on the navigation. He could pick the colors he wants and still make it fun!

The next site I picked is www.Chonscleaning.com

Now this site isn’t horrible but definitely could use a tune up. Here we have a commercial cleaning website. Since I personally know the owners of the company I can speak on behalf of them in  saying that the ability to get into and out of WordPress would have helped them immensely because they would have an easy way  to update and alter things that were not done properly by the sites original developer/designer they could change things on their own or with the help of another designer/developer. The site needs a modern theme, better spacing, fewer images on the main page and better hierarchy, and possibly changing the placement of the mobile hamburger menu. These things are all easy to do with WordPress.

Last but certainly not least is this website http://www.constellation7.org/Constellation-Seven/Josiah/Index.htm

Where do I begin? Well this site still seems to run like an old school website. The site took about 30 seconds to load for a while it was simply a white screen with a side bar. Once the site loaded a yellow screen with tiled repeating image slowly got smaller so you could read the content beneath it. Music begins to play after the page is fully loaded. I tried to find the mute button and there was not one so I muted my computer instead. Moving forward the site is overloaded with way to much  everything. WordPress could really help tone down the site and they can still use exiting colors but they would easily organize the content and already has headers and footer areas to help with the layout and design.