I have chosen to look more into the project manager position. I feel it is best suited for me because I tend to find myself in the leadership/coordinator position in most things I am a part of whether that be school projects or within different roles and jobs I have had over the years. I feel I have the natural ability to look at multiple angles and be somewhat objective when it comes to accomplishing goals. I am also great at seeing strengths in others and finding roles that would specifically help the task at hand without wasting time. I like encouraging others and  helping people see the big picture.


I found a paid internship as a web project management intern. The position qualification calls for

– Passion for the web, social media, mobile, etc.
– Strong written and oral communication skills.
– Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and follow-through.
– Must enjoy solving problems using analytical and creative skills.
– Able to plan work, organize time, and maintain workflow.
– Able to interact professionally with all levels of staff.
– Involved with delivering a technical project a plus.
– HTML, CSS, Adobe creative suite a plus.
– Programming experience a plus.

I feel I have a passion for the web, social media, and mobile because I use it daily to promote and engage in for my own hobbies. I definitely have strong written and oral skills. I do my best to ensure things are followed through. I could work on my organizational skills. I am very analytical and creative in many ways. I am able to interact professionally with staff. I have experience with HTML, CSS, and Adobe creative suite. I also have programming experience.