This has been a fun week with the start or our UX portion of our training. My understanding of Ux is the overall User experience a  person/consumer has with a website or mobile site or application. The UI is the User Interface is the industrial design field of human and computer interaction.  It is the space where the interaction between human and computer occur. IA or Information Architecture is the art and science that organizes the websites, intranets, software ect to support usability and findability.

Learning about Dark patterns on the web definitely has me taking a second look at the different forms I fill out to double check that I am not being mislead or accidently signing up for more than I bargained for. It’s scary knowing that businesses knowingly mislead consumers just to make a few extra bucks.

I knew a bit about UX before starting on this portion of our training  so far nothing was surprising or new to me. I really like Ux and look forward to learning and mastering the skills needed to do well within the field. I definitely think considering Ux more could help with our assignments including the client blog. Just tying everything we learn as we go on will greatly benefit all of our assignments. I feel working on my css skills would help me personally design the blog the way I envision it in my mind more so than just knowing Ux.