I checked out the site awards.com and found 3 sites that I really liked my favorite being


Nike Reactor

I love that the site shows a lot of energy and uses different items to show energy and movement. Nike Reactor also has simple color scheme matching product colors with the web page background colors.

Another really cool site I like is


I love that their site is  very interactive. the site is also fun to be on because it automatically scrolls down for you. The site is about speaking your mind and they use a lot of words to get the feeling and vibe across.  The way they use simple black and white also gives off the seriousness of their mission and beliefs and I love that!


The last site I liked was this one


This site use images and as them appear to jump out of the page. The black background is modern design and very sleek. I also  love that the images that appear in the background move. The white font is excellent in contrasting with the background.

I would really love to utilize the great things I seen today!  I  would love to have a modern sleek site with interactive elements. Its only a matter of time!